Working Group

Mentor HOXHAJ Chairman of CSPDA

He is the brain behind most of the activities related to information security or privacy in Kosovo. Currently working as State supervisor at the National Agency for Personal Data Protection. He is also the founder and leader of the working group for the campaign “Privacy in Digital Age”. Speaker and participant in a lot of international conferences and round tables regarding privacy, lawful interception and cyber security. More than eight years dealing with data protection, information security and privacy issues.

Tanzer ABAZI Vice-chairman of CSPDA

Mastermind and Founder of “The DAY When Hacking is legal”. He is an information security expert and CEO/Co-Founder of “DARTS Security”. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Pristina and he is currently attending a Master degree in Computer Science at the University of Prizren. He owns a number of professional certificates in the field of ICT, with a lot of experience in this field Mr. Abazi is currently working for the Kosovo Police as an Information Security Administrator. He is also: a Lecturer at University for Business and Technology, an Independent ISO27001 Auditor and he is driving his own business. He is widely known as a promoter and supporter of local and regional ICT conferences. 

Ardian Alaj P.M ‘Closed Session-Lawful Interception’

Ardian Alaj graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Kosovo. He followed various advanced trainings in Vienna on: planning and management, business planning, marketing, e-commerce, professional business methods, organization and identity of corporations, human resources and professional communication. He has been developing a big experience with active companies in the international market in these years; in fact, he has been in charge of Business Development in ICTSmedia LTD for the last two years. One of his duties was the quality of assurance to ICTS products such as: PCWorld Albanian, CIO and COMPUTERWORLD Albania. He was at the same time event coordinator at the Albanian ICT Awards and participated in many events in the field of ICT. 

Besart ABAZI Event Coordinator

Mr. Abazi is an IT Professional. He worked for Aztech, GameStar and KS Computers, and he is currently working for DARTS Security. During the coordination of the conference “Privacy in Digital Age”, he used his management experience in order to coordinate the event, showing this way his skills in the organization of such big events. He was then nominated event coordinator of ‘27th of January - The DAY when hacking is legal’, ‘10th of February - Safe Internet Day’, ‘8th of April - Security Measures’, and ‘12th of June - Processing Health Sensitive Data’. 

Atdhe Buja Quality Assurance

Atdhe Buja graduated in Computer Science & Engineering at the UBT Kosovo. He is certified as MCITP, OCA 11g and also as an Ethical Hacker. He participated in many advanced trainings in: Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia, Netherland, Czech Republic and Japan, regarding databases (RDBMS), project planning and management, security, large incidents of cyber security exercises, leadership, ICT strategies, IT Governance, E-Government, GIS and integration platforms. He has an experience of eleven years in active government institutions projects in the ICT and knows well Data Center functionality. He has been working for many years at the Agency for Information Society, in which he is responsible for all databases of government. He is as well project manager of E-Governments projects with duties to ensure proper standards – functionality, increasing data security, and has authored several important internal documents and policies. He participated in drafting strategy, administrative guidelines and regulations of great importance for ICT in all governance institutions. He has participated in the 1st round of “The DAY when hacking is legal”. He was at the same time event contributor of the Albanian ICT Awards and participated in many events and conferences in the field of ICT. 

Lekë Zogaj Quality Assurance

Lekë Zogaj is currently working as Managing Director and senior consultant at “2M Consulting” and he is finalizing his dissertation as PhD candidate on Quality Management. He has completed Master studies in Service Management at Rochester Institute of Technology. Moreover, he is a certified Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer for ISO 9001:2008; ISO 27001:2005, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2008, ISO 27005:2008; ISO 20000:2005; ISO 50001:2011; 29001:2012; ISO 21500:2012; 20121:2012 and ISO 13053:2011.Furthermore, Lekë is CMC – Certified Management Consultant and he possess a Professional Property Valuation Licence. Lekë has several years of experience as a consultant in different projects related to strategic management, feasibility studies, business planning and significantly ISO management system implementations and trainings. He had many professional publications, which include: “Major Factors Affecting the Growth of Consulting Companies in Kosovo”, which was published by VDM Publishing House - Germany and can be found and purchased on  

Laurent Hoxhaj Blogger

Laurent is an IT Security Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Prishtina. With more than two years of experience in data security. He worked for different companies as penetration tester and security consultant. Great writing skills make him a creative and competent blogger.

Florian KUNUSHEVCI Workshop Cordinator

He is the well-youngest Albanian hacker. Co-founders of FindBug, where he also works as a Security Researcher. He is currently studying Information Technology in a secondary school. Very mysterious guy, you should come to our conference to see him in person. Otherwise you can find his name in the Hall of fames of the biggest companies over the world, some of the companies that he found security bugs are ESET, Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, ISC2, CERT-EU, Quora, AVG etc. 

Shkumbin SHALA Workshop Cordinator

He is the guy who hacks to learn. He is one of the co-founders of FindBug, simple the best company in the world, where he also works as a security researcher and Infosec knowledge advisor. He is currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at UBT. He find bugs. Some for money, some for fun. When it comes to hacking he is the master to think outside the box. Otherwise he is a very simple person. 

EDONA PODVORICA Event Cordinator

Edon podvorica is Kosoar journalist and presenter. In the past nine years it has been engaged in national television as the leading country in the field of current affairs programs and Lifestyle. She studied Journalism Bachelor and Master in Communication at the University of Pristina. It is currently engaged as a presenter on a TV project of economic and social field. Edona shown an interest in Privacy and Cyber Security topics, she used to manage a lot of TV projects with similar topics, and continually supported Cyber Security and Privacy community with panel moderation in the conferences, in TV shows, this time she decided to join the biggest CSP community in Balkan,

Ardit Aliu Voluntary

He is 18 years old, entusiast and obseses in Technology, expecially in Information Security. He is high school student with some knowledge in Networking and Programming languages. His willing to support the conference makes him happy and work hard.